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Afterwords - Solo Exhibition The Nocturnal Project

Some photos from the show - Taken Saturday morning as soon as we opened. All photos credited to Ryan @ryanrylie from Actually SG. Thank you so much for perfectly capturing the mood and atmosphere of the exhibition set in my 2nd home, Neko no Niwa. Utterly touched by these memories. Just unforgettable. \ I look serious but I was actually just leaving a note saying my book was a guest book and drawing the outline of Jia Jia's body on my book. (,:  If you read my old work from Poly - Stone Cold or Melancholy, you would know how much this photo of me and my dad means to me. He doesn't live in Singapore and he flew back...

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First Solo Exhibition - Selfies with everyone! <3

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who made the effort and time to come down for my first ever solo show <3  Not everyone's here but these are the selfies that I managed to take with mostly my phone! I enjoy them so much and please save your pics if you see yourself :3 In no particular order because the photos jumbled up T_T Will try to leave messages for all of you as much as possible but please don't worry if I can't write it all JUST KNOW I LOVE ALL OF YALLS MUA. Here goesss- Hi Sam and Jae! Finally managed to catch you both and have a proper talk with you guys! ^o^ You both are extremely...

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Sarah Thursday in Japan - Osaka

This japan trip has been an extremely memorable holiday for me being my first time there, and one I'd like to never forget so I'm writing blog posts that I can look back on next time! & of course, to share with you my fun adventures with @kiripaca (Paca)!  We went to Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo - Chiba for the duration of 2 weeks <3 Which I'll be splitting up into different posts as I'd like to go in details :3   Day 0 - While we were supposed to arrive in our Osaka apartment early evening, our transfer flight was delayed by 3 hours so we reached around 8pm. From the airport, we took a limo-bus and then...

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Q&A - How I got into art and tips on starting your own label

Where did I learnt to create art and how did I discover my art style? I always believed I inherited my passion for drawing and art from my mother. She used to do lots of painting and Arts & Craft, and worked in a craft shop when I was young. I developed an interest in drawing when I was 6 and just started primary school. I remember my first proper drawing were of my guinea pigs. My older brothers and I were all crazy about manga/anime. Other than Pokemon, my first anime was Cardcaptor Sakura when I was 8. When I was 10, I found a couple of classmates who had the same interest in drawing. We started learning and...

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Q&A - What inspired you to start this independent label?

Many of you asked what inspired me to create Sarah Thursday - What inspired me to create this one-man label is a really long story and one I had always wanted to share with you guys.. So here goes! The motivation started when I was in my last year in Temasek Design School. I've never been one to obsess over grades, and I only did fairly in my foundation year. However when I went into my illustration major, I was getting As every module and it really felt good to have that recognition.      Then I moved on to my Final Year Project (FYP). If you have followed my works since the beginning, I started with The Art Senses project,...

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