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「 山羊座 」Yagiza "Capricorn" Vinyl Sticker
「 山羊座 」Yagiza "Capricorn" Vinyl Sticker

「 山羊座 」Yagiza "Capricorn" Vinyl Sticker


「 山羊座 」Yagiza "Capricorn"  is the 11th out of the 12-piece project 星座  "Seiza" which means Star Signs - Sarah Thursday's biggest project up to date. In this project I strive to emcompass the personalities of each sign into "RPG" characters - infusing japanese cultural elements into each of them.

For Capricorn, I designed a military warrier with a more serious and stoic personality with strong horns expressing the strength and independence of a Capricorn. I also added a time piece as a tattoo on the most prominent part of the face, as time is of importance to this sign.

Capricorn is a sign that represents time and responsibility, and its representatives are traditional and often very serious by nature. These individuals possess an inner state of independence that enables significant progress both in their personal and professional lives. They are masters of self-control and have the ability to lead the way, make solid and realistic plans, and manage many people who work for them at any time. They will learn from their mistakes and get to the top based solely on their experience and expertise.


Every vinyl sticker is waterproof, scratch-proof and peels off without residue. They measure approximately 12cm in height, each piece individually handcut by myself.

They are extremely durable, can last for years and can be placed on most surfaces, even on bottles and can be washed!

Purchase any 5 stickers/cards in one order to receive another random one on the house!