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「 水瓶座」Mizugameza "Aquarius" Vinyl Sticker
「 水瓶座」Mizugameza "Aquarius" Vinyl Sticker
「 水瓶座」Mizugameza "Aquarius" Vinyl Sticker

「 水瓶座」Mizugameza "Aquarius" Vinyl Sticker


「 水瓶座」Mizugameza "Aquarius" is the 2nd piece out of the 12-piece project 星座  "Seiza" which means Star Signs - Sarah Thursday's biggest project up to date. In this project I strive to emcompass the personalities of each sign into "RPG" characters - infusing japanese cultural elements into each of them.

For Mizugameza, I designed a "Magician" who controls any water body therefore adding water coming out of a jar is a must! He is a laid-back person but takes action when needed! However since he is an Air sign, I did a bird design on his kimono and several cloud motifs - the tattoos on his collars and surrounding him as well. 

“ ♒️ Often mistaken as a Water sign, Aquarius is actually an Air sign.

Aquarius-born can easily adapt to the energy that surrounds them, but have a deep need to have some alone time to restore power. They look at the world as a place full of possibilities and as an air sign, uses his mind at every opportunity.

Aquarius-born may have a reputation for being cold but that is just their defence mechanism against premature intimacy. In fact, they feel good in a group or a community and strives to be surrounded by others!"


Every vinyl sticker is waterproof, scratch-proof and peels off without residue. They measure approximately 12cm in height, each piece individually handcut by myself.

They are extremely durable, can last for years and can be placed on most surfaces, even on bottles and can be washed!

Purchase any 5 stickers/cards in one order to receive another random one on the house!