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"EDEN" Tee

"EDEN" Tee



Wild spirits is a collection of odd creatures with unique animal characteristics and personalities, born out of leisure sketches - It is also my first attempt at a fully coloured illustration project!

This project, I will be trying to fuse many eastern and western elements such as the chinese zombie tag, traditional asian and modern western weapons, harnesses and such! It's also a fusion of my lineart style and my new colouring technique~ Very experimental but it's been extremely fun to create something fresh!

For my second creature, I started out with a very brief sketch of a deer boy and immediately hit the digital painting! The stag is the king of the forest, the protector of all other creatures. The deer is also believed to be a messenger, an animal of power, and a totem representing sensitivity, intuition and gentleness. 


Made from thick quality 100% cotton
Extremely comfortable material.
Available in Unisex M, L and oversized.

Printed with Heatpress printing, thus the artwork is exact and is washable.

Tee Measurements:
(In order of shoulder, chest & length)

Medium size: 45cm, 48cm, 70cm
Large size: 48cm, 50cm, 72cm

Oversized: 54cm, 57cm, 78cm