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「木曜日の狼」"Ōkami" Premium Sweatshirt
「木曜日の狼」"Ōkami" Premium Sweatshirt
「木曜日の狼」"Ōkami" Premium Sweatshirt

「木曜日の狼」"Ōkami" Premium Sweatshirt


This sweatshirt is originally illustrated by Sarah Thursday. 

Third of the 【妖怪】"Yokai" Collection

This collection features different Spirit Animals in which we can relate to.

Wolves are highly intelligent and have great instincts to solve challenging situations. An Ōkami is often known to either guide you in the wilderness if you respect them, or devour you if you do not stand fast and fall.

While they love freedom, the wolves are social beings that value their families. They also have monogamous relationships & stay with their mating partners til they perish.

An honest & no-nonsense Yokai, much respected then and now.

Made from thick quality material to keep you warm.
50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
Extremely comfortable material.
Available in S,M and L.

Printed with heat-press technique, thus the artwork is exact and is washable.

Photo is of Size Small